Atlantis and Noah’s Flood (Deluge) in the Black Sea

Until 5500 BC the Black Sea was a smaller freshwater-lake. The breaking Bosporus land barrier led to a Deluge (Noah’s Flood).
We identify the submerged Indo-European civilization as Plato’s Atlantis.
[Black-Sea-Atlantis Hypothesis]

Black Sea Atlantis Map Note: At present the dating of the catastrophic flood event is set to 6400 BC.
However, we maintain the opinion that 5500 BC is the correct date, since in the event
of a catastrophic flood old sedimentary layers are dispursed and thus make the average
sedimentary layer seem to be older on average, while as a matter of fact single
freshwater specimens are still dated at 5500 BC until today.

German Atlantis im Schwarzen Meer

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